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Moving out of California???
Let us help you!

Moving Out of California?

Are you needing help on finding your next home out of state? Well, we, Powell Fine Homes Group, can help you!

Our team is dedicated to our clients and servicing their needs all over the United States. We have helped clients sell their California home to move to Tennessee, New Mexico, Arizona, Idaho, and more!

With our extensive network, we can refer you to a local agent that is trustworthy, knowledgeable, dedicated, and more. Our network of REALTORS® basically have the same mission and values we have in real estate.

If you are wondering what the process is for moving you out of state, here is a brief overview. You can also visit our buyer and seller services page for an overview as well.

  1. Contact us for a home evaluation to establish a price for your home
  2. Prepare your home for sale
  3. List your home for sale and market it
  4. Connect you with an agent from our network in the new city, state you are moving to
  5. Start your house hunting in your new city
  6. Accept offer and/or negotiation with the new buyers on your California home
  7. Go under contract on your California home
  8. Final details on your California home – inspection, appraisal, and new buyers loans
  9. Find and make offer on your dream home in your new city, state
  10. Go through your inspection and appraisal, and loan process on your new home in your new city, state
  11. Close and move out of your California home
  12. Close and move in to your new home in your new state

There are more steps to walk you through in moving out of state, but we work directly hand-in-hand with your agent in your new city, state to make sure timing on closing on your California home and your new home go together. When you work with us for your out of state move, you get concierge service, which takes one less stress off your move.

Connect with us today and we can set up a time to discuss your out of state move!